Solar shading that works, and works, and keeps working...

You’re looking for external shading aluminum profiles, glass or metal slats, and already have some ideas of your own? Our strength lies in project-related,cost-effective solutions for exterior shading systems. We will plan (including the substructure), deliver, install, and test for you. We are here to support you from initial ideas through project finalization.

Our subdivisions of materials include:

Weather Conditions Independence & Top Reduction

All of our solutions have this in common: they function regardless of weather conditions. The solar shading systems are placed in front of the facade. Due to this, a high reduction of heat input is achieved. 

Low-maintenance & a Long Life

All of the constructions are made so that they are as low-maintenance  as possible and have a long service life.

Free of Charge

Consultation as well as a proposal bid are non-binding and free of charge, which certainly counts for something.

Tell us what you would like.

We’ll handle the technical implementations. Get in touch with us or send us your requests via E-Mail.