The perfect mix - summer thermal insulation meets architecture.

The reduction of heat gain is achieved through a choice in glass. Solar control glass, coloured, or printed glass can be used here. Coloured glasses are either green or grey. Many different colours and decors can be applied when using printed glass.

Glass louvres - Architecturally Attractive Effects

People often choose a dotted or striped pattern for printing. Similar results are attainable when using coloured interlayer in laminated safety glass. Architecturally attractive effects can be achieved through the combination of the aforementioned options.

Anything is Possible

Glass louvres can be pivoted horizontally or vertically. For structural reasons, symmetric bearings are preferred. Eccentric rotational axes are also technically possible. The individual glass panels can be fixed with a point attachment or linear bracket. A combination of point bearings and linear supports is possible.

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